Thursday, 31 October 2013

Westminter Abbey

Right before I left for Japan, Prince William married Kate in Westminster Abbey, and my friend Dave and I got up early to come see it at Westminster Abbey. It was a great day for England - lots of fun and a great deal of Union Jack's everywhere! I havent been back since, and it was so nice to be back there because that last trip to London was really one of my last places I went before I flew off to Japan. Josh and I had actually tried to go and see the inside of Westminster Abbey the night before, but found that it closed really,
really early (like 3 pm or around there). Like many places in London, I have discovered that you weren't allowed to take photos of the inside. Although I couldn't take photos, we did have such a good time listening to the great audio guide that they provide! Lots of famous people have been buried there and there is a really great history which they tell you all about with the guide. It was one of the highlights of Josh's trip! After, we we were able to roam all the corridors outside, which were really
beautiful, and we wandered around them until we were able to find a tea room which was in one of the cellar/crypt places. It had a beautiful ceiling, and we had a really great breakfast of scones and jam, and croissants! We then wandered around the outside gardens, which are kind of attached at the back, and people that work in the church can live there. It reminded me a lot of the University of Oxford, in both the style and the quadrangle layout! After, we were pretty cold,
and it was yet again raining, so we headed over to a nearby Starbucks for some nice warm hot chocolate and a cookie!That part of town is really nice, and I had to point out all the fun things in the area for Josh - especially the statue of Abraham Lincoln, which is randomly there in the square opposite the Abbey, for reasons unknown to me!

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