Thursday, 31 October 2013

Our last night on the Beach

We spent so long in San Diego that we started to get into a nice pattern, of hanging out at the beach during the day, wandering to the shops, or to the supermarket, and then going out to dinner all together in the evening. I hadn't really taken any photos apart from of the beach, so the very last night, I made everyone dress up and I gathered everyone outside to take pictures right beofre the sunset, when the light was absolutely beautiful. It had been so long since I had actually been on holiday with my family, that it really makes me so happy to see these photos
- especially now, when I am living closer, but still don't see them. We took lots of nice photos of the Barton's family too, and we took so many nice family photos, and then lots of silly ones of us all together. One of my favourite ones was this one I snapped of Shelby and Emily,
right at the end, when they were bored of taking photos, and sitting in the sand. They had taken their first big "adult" road trip - and what an adventure they had. To go on such a trip with your best friend is just wonderful, and I'm so glad they had such a wonderful time full of tons of great memories.

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