Thursday, 31 October 2013

Church Street, Orlando

One of the first wedding venues we looked at was the Ballroom at Church Street. The venue was nice, but afterwards, we wandered around the downtown area. It seemed so strange to have a downtown, more like we do in Bay City, in a huge place like Orlando, which is full of shopping malls and big motorways. It was full of little saloons and game arcades, and places that played honkey tonk music on the weekends - and a little train too! It seemed a lot more like something you might find in one of those old mining villages in the West
of America - so it seemed a little out of place. It was really colourful, and lots of fun. Sadly, it was sooooooo warm, and we had already had lunch, so we didn't stop for long, but long enough to have a few photos taken.

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