Thursday, 31 October 2013

Covent Garden at Night

Mummy and Daddy wanted to go to their favourite Mexican restaurant, Cantinda Loredo. It's kind of an upscale version of a taco place, and is off the main street near Covent Garden. They're really fmous for their made at the table guacamole. So we had that, and some other things, and then we walked to try and find some nice ice cream that Mummy likes. Well, in the end we walked all through the market at Covent garden, but couldn't find it, which was a shame. We did however, find Laduree macaroons, which were wonderful,
and had a good wander around a place that is so totally different in the dark than it is in the day. It was so empty, but lit up quite nice, and it had much more of a warehouse feel than normal.

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