Friday, 11 October 2013

More of Frankfurt

Since I was in Frankfurt for so long, we saw a lot of things. Nothing specific, but just stuff around the area. One day we went to the government courts, which are about a 3 minute walk from Josh's house, where we saw these cute bear statues, and so of course, being the tourists that we are, we took some photos! Right near there was a Starbucks where we spent a lot of time borrowing their free internet and skyping back home. In the centre of the city there are some lovely old churches and more historic looking building, as well as some great museums! I had also been told that Frankfurt really was a good city for shopping and they certainly weren't lying!
It was great - they had all the stores from the UK, as well as some great departement stores, and some shops from America too. During the day, when I went out to find things, I came across beautiful shopping malls which reminded me a little of the cool on in Bristol with the interesting glass roof. They have one just like it in Frankfurt! I think I personally felt a lot better knowing where Josh was - what his house actually looked like, rather than see it on Skype, and see
where it was, not just on Google Maps. It was really good for my peace of mind knowing that he was settled in his new little corner of Europe. It had really been a long time since I had been to Germany to visit Kerstin - she thinks it has been at least 5 years or so now, so my German was really rusty and it was good for me to get out and practice speaking it again after so many years since studying it at GCSE!

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