Tuesday, 22 October 2013

In the Market Square

One of my favourite places that we go a lot in Frankfurt is the Market Square. When I went off by myself, during the day, it took me a while to figure out quite where I was, and I got quite lost, but eventually I made it to the centre of the beautiful market square! I found it right past the shopping area, and actually incredibly close to where Josh lives, if I take the most direct route! When Josh first got here, he said he sat in the square and watched all the people getting married in the City Hall which is a beautiful building framing the square.
Actually the whole square is framed by these beautiful tall buildings, which are so quintessentially German, that it is just like something right out of a film! I loved all of them! Some of them were pubs and restaurants, with seats all sitting out in the square, and because it was so warm, there were lots of people enjoying their dinner outside. Josh and I tried all the Gelato shops which surround it - trying a different one each night, trying to find the best one with the best flavours!

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