Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Down to the Tall Ships

A little ways along a nice sidewalk, along the harbour, we came across the tall ships. I think in reality, there was actually only two, although it appears from afar that there were quite a few of them. One of them was called the "Star of India" and was really old, and super beautiful.
It had the sails up and was so pretty! In Bay City, we often have the tall ships visit (I think in the spring) but I have never ever been down to the harbour to see them, in all of the time I've visited there. So, it was down to San Diego instead. It was really really expensive to get onto the ships and see them, almost 25 dollars per person, so Daddy and I decided against paying the steep entrance fee, and so we settled for taking some photos, and walking along the boardwalk a little longer, before heading back
into the car to run some more errands, and then head over to another part of San Diego - in order to see more of what the lovely, but realitively small city had to offer! I loved that it was such a "nautical" city - Bristol also had a harbour, but it never felt quite like that!

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