Thursday, 31 October 2013

Off we go to the Natural History Museum

I have become sort of the "event organiser" for our little group of classmates on my course, and when we first started, I decided we should get ourselves used to London, and so we headed over to South Kensington to go to the Natural History museum. For some of them, it was their first time in the
amazing museum! It was really great to go through the museum all together- we explored the body and physiology stuff - as well as the dinosaurs and all the different animals section. They had some mighty big animals in some of the sections - but my favourite was the statue of Charles Darwin which has appeared at the top of the stairs in the grand hall. The grand, main entrance is one of my favourite, Victorian things in London. The outside of the building is wonderful, but really, the interior is so wonderful,
all this stone, and long corridors. It really is something right out of a Harry Potter film! The colour of the stone is so great, so yellowy orange, and you just get a great, warm feeling being there.

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