Thursday, 31 October 2013

Greenwich Park

Mummy came to visit London for a few days, taking Josh to different museums and places (especially scary places like the London Dungeon), while I was in school all day. I was so glad that he didn't have to be alone in London because sometimes that can be really boring, and everything seems a bit underwhelming. So one afternoon, after I finished with my classes, I met them in town, and then we headed out to Greenwich Park. Although Josh and I had just been there, I wanted Josh to see the park and go up to the prime meridian!
So that's what we did, and we took the DLR on the long trip there. The main hall was closed because they were filming a period drama there (I'm not sure which one there, although aparently it was from America), but we did get to go into the music hall and watch the end of a concert. That hall was really beautiful to see, so I can only imagine what the library looks like! Then we made the big trek up the hill to the Prime Meridian. Now, you have to pay for it, but it was so worth it to go and stand where
time starts! Josh and I and Mummy took lots of funny photos, as we do! And then we stood and admired they great view over Canary Wharf and the Marine College, which is one of my favourite views in all of London. It doesn't really feel like it still is London, but it was so great!

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