Tuesday, 22 October 2013

In beautiful La Jolla

La Jolla is a lovely part of San Diego - it is one of those nice parts of town where all the rich and famous people live. We didn't love the beach, but they do have this lovely part which sits right over the rocks over looking the ocean. In the ocean you can look down
and see seals playing in the water near people, and all sorts of big birds perching on the rock. Along the rock wall there are all these benches for people to sit and relax, and eat their lunch on. And of course, because it was California, there were skateboarders, and people on rollerblades, and all sorts of other funny modes of transport!
Mummy and Kevin walked all the way down the beach front, so we spent a lot of time waiting for them , enjoying the sunshine. We took this awesome photo in this little beach shack along the rocks just before we left!

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