Tuesday, 22 October 2013

To the Zoo in San Diego!

Only a day after arriving back in the UK, I was on another long plane (taking a heck of a lot of those lately!) and ending up in San Diego! Shelby and her friend Emily had spent several months driving all along the country, visiting different cities and seeing so much beach time!
We went over there (my first family holiday in years and years) and Emilys sister and parents also came with us to visit the girls! One of our first days, we stayed and toured San Diego - and went to the amazing zoo there. It was incredibly huge, they had buses to get all around it!
They had so many animals - and a great polar bear, gorilla exhibit, and best of all was the baby panda which they had. He was just adorable! It was great to just sit and watch him try and climb up the tree! The areas were all themed at the zoo - so the Australian section was great - the koalas were adorable! It was so nice to be in such a sunny climate again, where it wasn't super super hot! It was just so lovely to be out and about with my whole family again!

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