Friday, 29 January 2016

Snow in Frankfurt

Not long after we got back, very early Sunday morning, a friend of ours stopped by our house, as he had locked himself out of ours. I then realised that it had snowed overnight, so, as I was up nice and early, I decided to head to the little park near our house and take some photos of the snow. Right near our house is this park, and inside the park is this Chinese garden section, complete with this nice temple and cute little pond and little stone lions and arches. It was super pretty
to be out so early in the morning. In German, Sundays are really quiet, but Sunday mornings are super, super quiet. The park wasn't deserted, there were a few other photographers out and about, taking pictures.
I don't think that my pictures were particularily nice, but it was nice to wander around the church, and go through the crunchy, new snow. It wasn't wet enough to build a snowman, but it was just so nice to be out and about in the snow. It melted really quickly never does stay around for long!

Sunday, 24 January 2016

I've missed a Full English!

We didn't have tons of time on Sunday, so we had breakfast, got a few groceries and then headed out to the airport. But it was so nice to get a full English breakfast. I'm not even a fan of the black pudding, the bacon or the mushrooms - so it could be made at home, but it is the most nostalgic British food ever!

Family photos

It's not often that we get to see Kerstin and Steffen while we are with Mummy and Daddy - I would say it has probably been 5 years or so since we saw them altogether, so it was time to get some documented evidence of us all together!
Mummy has changed the location of the office to upstairs, so now she has this nice room on the ground floor with these lovely bay windows. And it's really good for light. We set up the camera and the timer, and got to take some photos. They were pretty silly, but I was really glad that we took them!

A 21st Party for Shelby

Mummy had planned a small twenty first birthday party for Shelby. Her birthday was in December, but we were all in America, so she decided to have on in January with some family and friends. Josh and I arranged to come over and surprise her, and we happened to book it the weekend we went and saw Kerstin, and they decided to book a flight and come with us. We arrived on Friday night, but there plane was a little delayed, so we hung
out at M&S food, until they arrived. In the morning, I had my hair done, and we went out for lunch. Shelby FINALLY arrived, and she wasn't even excited to see us - turns out she had been expecting us to come anyway! We hung out at the house and helped Mummy prepare for the party.
There were such cute decorations that Mum had brought from America. At the party, we had tons of snacks, and yummy Thai food and then played rounds and rounds of Pictionary and Heads Up. I got really tired and super sleepy, and ended up going to bed!