Thursday, 31 October 2013

Up Longmynd

On Saturday night, we met up with Daddy and went to our favourite Indian restaurant in town. We wanted Josh to have real British Indian food, and I had missed the food there so incredibly much! We often had indian food in Nara, but it certainly wasn't anywhere near the same!
On Sunday, Mummy and Daddy made a nice roast dinner and the Bartons came over to meet Josh, which was nice for him to meet some of our family friends. They are also both teachers, so they all had a good time chatting. After they left, we piled into the car and went up the Longmynd. We were fortunate enough to actully see some wild horses, and we got out and watched the parasailers for quite a while over the mountains. Then we headed back into the little village,
and sat at one of the pubs, where Josh discovered his favourite British, Russian sounding beer! It was such a quick trip. It really went by fast, and it felt so nice to just be at home, after a few weeks of finding my feet in London. I said goodbye at Josh at Birmingham airport, and then caught the train back home to London. It was really sad on the train, and reminded me so much of all those Shinkansen rides (only much slower) that I had taken from Osaka.

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