Thursday, 31 October 2013

My University: King's College London

Only a week after leaving on the Sunday, Josh was back in the UK the following Saturday. I got to the airport super early because I was just so excited he was coming to London, finally! I chatted to some American ladies for a while and then he was finally here! I took him to my apartement, and then to see my
Univeristy. I am pretty lucky this time - I work in the pretty building, rather than the 1960's monstrosity! Actually, the campus I am on is really pretty! It's only one little block, but so pretty, and nice and compact. It is a really nice quiet square, and on a Saturday - deadly quiet!
It really is, so far, a great place to go to University - and it so nice walking into a pretty, ivy covered building every day! I liked showing Josh my new place of work too!

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