Thursday, 31 October 2013

Together at Tower Bridge

While I go to Uni right under the Shard, one serious icon of London, I also live really close to Tower Bridge, which is also a seriously famous landmark. So you could say I live right in the middle of everything! We went down to the water, and walked along the south bank for quite a while.
We managed to get a nice family to take a photo of us, and it was the first photo of us together in London. It's still one of my favourites! We actually went into Tower bridge. You can take a lift up, and walk all the way across the top - theres a little museum up there, and then a covered walkway
with photos of other bridges too. It was kinda silly, but fun none the less. Over the trip, we walked over the bottom of it several times. It was so nice to wander around London, explore the different random pieces of art along the bank, enjoy the sunshine and cross such an iconic bridge!

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