Thursday, 31 October 2013

The London Eye

I had booked Josh and I tickets to go on the London Eye. When we arrived earlier in the day, the line was really quite long, so we wandered around for a few hours, and then came back. It was a much better line when we arrived in the afternoon. and actually we almost walked right on to our pod. The pod takes about half an hour to go around, although it seems to go quite quickly. It was really nice to wander around the pod, and then point out all the different buildings that you could see from the sky.
From up there, you have really nice view of all the buildings along the bank, like the Houses of Parliment and Big Ben, and great view of the Old City Hall. But I enjoyed pointing out where MI6 was, and where the big train stations were, and seeing if I could spot my house too! Josh had really wanted to go on the London Eye and he really enjoyed it! Since I havent been on the London Eye since I was little kid, I really enjoyed it too. It was just a lot of fun! We even got someone to
snap a picture of us, on my phone, which turned out absolutely great, considering it was taken on an iPhone! Maybe the guy was a photographer or something! However, it was a nice momento to have from our nice little jaunt on the Wheel

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