Thursday, 31 October 2013

A blast around Disney

We were in the right neck of the woods, so we went and stayed with Josh's family for a few days. I had just seen them in May - so it was good to see them again! It was great for them to spend more time with Mummy, and I got to spend more time with Josh's sisters Miriam and Bekah. We spent a day in
Bradenton, having breakfast at my favourite cafe on the beach with amazing pancakes - and we spent some time with Bubbe too. Then, we drove up to Orlando, and stayed the night in this super cool Disney Hotel - I think it was called the Pop! Century - each area was themed over a different decade. It was so great and full of lots of nostalgia! The first night, we recieved our Magic Bands - we were allowed to test them - they still aren't in full use - so we were pretty special! The first night we had some great dinner at the cafeteria at the hotel
- it was so yummy! The next day - we went on a whirlwind tour around all the parks at Disney. We rode Tower of Terror, and the Toy Story ride at Hollywood studios, and spent tons of time in Epcot, wandering through the countries. For Rebekah's birthday, we went to this great buffet in Magic
Kingdom, where you get to meet all the characters - it was so cute and Mummy really loved Eeyore! In the evening, after the Small's headed home, Mummy and I spent more time in Magic Kindgom - exploring all the new stuff that had been put in since I had last been there - and we rode all the rides - all the big rollercoasters (at least twice each) and went to the Haunted Mansion and on my favourite - It's a Small World! It was so nice staying late in the park - that's probably my favourite time - when it starts to empty out, or when people wait for the parade,
and the rides aren't so busy! Being back at Disney just felt really nice. I had spent so much time at Tokyo Disney, and Tokyo Disney Sea, that it felt like I was back there just a little. It wasn't quite the same, but it was really just wonderful to be back in that great atmosphere. I do certainly love Disney - and we did so much of it in one day - it was really, really great!

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