Tuesday, 22 October 2013

USS Midway

Apparently, San Diego is a big military city - which I never knew, but one night we went to dinner in the city and we saw the big USS Midway, which is an old Navy ship. It's really small compared to the ones which they use nowaday, but is used as a display in the harbour
I guess - but it does also serve as a museum. Daddy and I didn't pay to go in, but we did stop and take a picture. Also there was a huuuuuge statue of "The Kiss" couple, which is a creation of that famous photo of a salior kissing a girl after the end of World War Two. It was really big, and such a lovely huge sculpture. We took some photos, and wandered down farther along the harbour, which was a lovely area, full of restaurants, and even further along, there were the Tall Ships!

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