Friday, 11 October 2013

Josh in Frankfurt

When I left Japan to head off to Singapore, Josh headed home to America, before heading over to Frankfurt for his new job. He had been there about a week before I arrived to see him. thankfully I still remembered a little bit of German still, and managed to make my way from the airport to his house, and meet him just as he was coming home from work. his new flat is really lovely and big, and in a great location. It's right next to a lovely park as well!
Over the next week, we would spend a lot of time exploring Frankfurt and visiting places, but my first night, we walked around, and got some food. The next day, after Josh's day of work, we set off to explore some of the city. We just spent a lot of it exploring and seeing what
the city was all about. During the days when Josh was at work, I tided and sorted the flat, and then we headed out on a very long taxi ride to the Ikea to buy him lots of new things for his apartement, which looks completely different now I am finished with it! One day, I got to go to school with him too,
which was really nice and meeting his collegues was great too! In the evenings, we went out to dinner and tried lots of little gelato shops near his house. Sadly, some were bad, and some were really, really good! We sorted out little mundane things like getting internet and stuff, but it was easy, when there were two of us, and almost everyone could speak English to us! It was a big change from inaka in Japan. It will be a hard change, but I'm sure he will love it in Frankfurt in no time at all!

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