Thursday, 22 July 2010


While I am not much of a gamer, Mike certainly is. He has just made his computer so it is able to play all the computer games he wants. Leach Lan is a 5 day event held in the middle of nowhere, where all they do is play games 24/7. It isn't quite in the middle of nowhere, it's in a place called NorthLeach, in Gloucestershire. Because they were only camping (ARGH TENTS!) I decided I would only come up for one evening. It was a lovely place though, I took the camera out and took some lovely photos. It was nice to get out into the country and be away from the noise of the city. However, camping just still isn't high on my priorities!

Car at night

So Mike is the best boyfriend ever, and when I said I wanted a photo of my car while driving, he went out of his way to find the perfect spot. And at night, the best place in Bristol is the Clifton Suspension Bridge. It's all lit up and lovely. We drove round for ages, and Mike must have taken a million shots in the pouring rain. But it was PERFECT.
Photo credit to Mike

First photos!

So I took Mike's super snazzy camera out to take photos of my beautiful car. Sure, people probably thought I was insane, but o well! I think it's fabulous, and it always looks like it is smiling!

My car!

On Tuesday I went down to London and bought what is probably the most expensive purchase I will make for a good few years. It took several MegaBus trips, early mornings, tons of tube rides and a week in a bodyshop, but now it is all mine. My Little Green Bug. And I love it. Utterly and Completely. It's a 2.0 litre X reg Automatic Metallic Gecko Green VW BUG with black leather interior. AND a sunroof. And it makes me sooooo happy!
A couple of weeks ago I went down with Mike to negotiate the price and such, and then Vikki and I went down to collect it. It was a nice day out, with Krispy Kreme donuts and lunch in Chinatown. Then she got the lucky job of directing me home. With my fear of motorways. But we managed the long trip home, and now I'm back in Bristol, it's parked outside and makes me smile :)

Fun in the Sun

When Mike came down to Bristol, the sun was still out and sunny and so we decided to go out and take some pretty photos. Bristol is really a pretty place in the Sun! Mike is quite into his photography, he takes such lovely photos!
Photo credit to Mike


A few weekends back, Mike and I took our first proper trip to London town. The aim was to go down and look at a car, but we made a nice day out of it too. It's nice that Mike thinks just like me because we got to have McDonalds for breakfast!We went to the Science Museum, a nice walk in Hyde Park, lunch with Mike's best friend Chris, who was up from Spain at the most AMAZING PANCAKE PLACE in the world. It was a nice sunny day with Mike letting me take the photos, I got to click click click on the camera all day long! We did alot of touristy stuff, going to Harrods,
looking at all the Lauduree macaroons (too expensive though!) and going to Traffalgar Square. Mike finally got me up onto the lions by the monument, which made me unbelievably happy! How many years have I lived here and I finally did it! We ended up not being able to get a MegaBus back, so we went to Texas Embassy for dinner. Great Idea, becasuse the USA was playing in the World Cup!
Photo credit to Mike

Dr Who Museum

For those who know me well, they know I'm in love with Dr Who. Matt Smith, David Tennant, I don't mind. I just love the show. Since it finished a couple weeks ago, I've really started to miss it. Saturday's just aren't the same without it. A month ago, Mike took me in the Corsa to the Dr Who Museum. In Cardiff. It was a kinda spur of the moment decision, after all, Cardiff isn't that far away. It was fab, a drive to Cardiff, over the big bridge, and through the town, to the Museum. It wasn't a large museum, it was perfect though! There were life size daleks, and a K9, stuff of dreams :) I also got myself a little Tardis money box this other day....little things make me very happy!

Golfing and 50's diners

Forever ago, Mike and I both drove out to a golfing range about an hours away. All's well golfing, apart from I'm rubbish, but on the way home, we found this little pub, just your average pub, but with an entire 50's classic diner at the back. I think it was called Junction 22. Of course, this was the first drive I have EVER made by myself. It was nice, we had the whole thing to ourselves, and for 50p, you could choose 5 retro songs of our choosing!
And darn, it was just like home. Fab. A juke box with really great music, a pool table, everything. It was a proper American hot dog too. None of this imitation English stuff! Best of all, they had an amazing pudding, of course, Mike had the MASSIVE ONE! Lots of strawberries and cream!

Epic Sax Guy

Way back in May, the Eurovision Song contest was on TV. It's a whole evening of cheesy music, bad costumes and funny comments. It's really a good laugh. This year, I don't even remember who won, but I know that one particular person became quite famous afterwards. The entry for Moldova probably wasn't very good, but their saxophone player has become a mega internet phenomenom. He's a very cheesy looking guy!
Mike just LOVES him, and plays him on loop all the time.