Thursday, 31 October 2013

The top of the Gherkin

Well, I finally had to leave Florida. It was quite sad - I had gotten used to being in the lovely warm climate, and hanging out with my family all the time. But it was time to go back to school! I was terrified of coming back to live in London, but I have a lovely little flat in a great location. Mummy stayed and helped me sort it out for the first few days- and then I was all alone. The very first day I was alone, and it happened to be the very last day of Open London, where they open all these amazing buildings in London which are closed the whole rest of the year.
I knew if I didnt go to St. Mary's Axe, it was literally the one time a year you can go in it. I waited in line for almost 4 hours, but I was really thankful for a cute family in front of me who chatted with me, and a brother and sister who had both lived in Japan behind me. It was cloudy at the top, but such a great experience! I really enjoyed getting to see the great architecture - and really enjoyed being out and being independent!

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