Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Beautiful Balboa Park

The last place we visited on our big, one day sightseeing tour of San Diego, was Balboa Park. It is one of the oldest parks in America, and is absolutely huge. It is one huge, huge park. It actually houses a whole bunch of museums, the Zoo, the Botanical gardens, a theatre and a church if I remember right. So off we went. At first, I did some exploring on my own, while Daddy searched for a parking space in probably the smallest car park ever! went through this beautiful Botanical hous, made of lovely wrought iron, full of lovely orcids.
The World Expo was actually held here, quite a long time ago I think, but all of the buildings which are here are so ornate, and carved out of this beautiful orangey stone, so it has a really Spanish style, which I guss a lot of buildings in the south near the border do. It was a really
hot day, so I popped myself in one of the long, open sided corridors which had beautiful pillars all down the sides. One of my absolute favourite things about this Balboa Park was the fact that they had not one, but two art pieces from my favourite artist. I am in love with (most) of Niki de Saint-Phalle.
Ever since I was a little kid in Nice (where they had one in the hotel down the street), I have been obsessed - seeing them in DC, in Naoshima (surpised a little there), and then again here in San Diego. It's funny - all those were such intresting points in my life - to think of how it links in with my entire life! I had Daddy take my photo with it, and then we had to head back to the beach so we could see the rest of the family! It was such a great day out, and some of the only sightseeing I got to do in San Diego which didn't include going to the beach every day!

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