Thursday, 31 October 2013

Houston, we have a visitor!

The next day, we all went our seperate ways - Shelby and Emily flew back to the UK, the Barton's had a few more days in California, Daddy flew off for work, and Mummy and I headed off to Houston. We went to have a overnight layover on our way to Florida, but also to visit my cousin Kaitlyn and her husband Paul who live there. I had missed their wedding in Michigan while I was in Japan, but now I was able to see them, and see all their wedding photos too. They are expecting their first baby any day now too,
which is so exciting! They were kind enough to take me to my favourite place, NASA! I had never been to the Houston Space Centre there - only to the one in Florida! We had great time, and did all the tour. Although it is very child based, I still had a great time, and Kaitlyn and I had lots of fun posing for these funny photos by the rockets - both of us are tiny, and instead it looks like we are almost as tall as the rockets! It was a very hot day, and we were outside for a while, until we headed inside to the cool mission control - and then we also saw lots of fun stuff inside with interactive games and such!
Afterwards, we went to a great lunch place where they had biscuits and bacon jam, which was incredible! Sadly, we stayed for a day, and enjoyed our time with them, before we headed off to Florida for a nice combination of shopping, wedding planning, and Disney!

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