Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Our favourite Germans visit Frankfurt!

We are really lucky to live in Frankfurt, especially when it comes to visiting Kerstin. I have known her since I was about 10, or 11, and she has been my pen friend ever since. I am super #blessed to still have her as my friend, and I am so glad she came all the way to our wedding, and we've been able to visit her and her family. Stephen and Kerstin drove up just before school ended, and we had a grand time, playing fun board games, and taking a picnic down to the river. It was just such a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Finding some beauty in Maintal

One of the German teachers at school invited us to her house to celebrate our marriage. We haven't been able to arrange a good weekend for all of us until June, but it waas a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather we have FINALLY started to have in Frankfurt! We headed over to her house, in the little village of Maintal. It was quite a walk from the train station, but the town was SO adorable. We had waffles and strawberries and whipped cream, and
enjoyed chatting with her daughter too. Then, she took us to explore the church right near their house - it was built in the 10th century. The coolest thing we did was to go up the bell tower and the church and see all the way over to Frankfurt. It was so nice to see Frankfurt in that light, and that view, because I find Frankfurt quite grey otherwise. Then we walked around the village
walls, through the apple orchards and through all the fields. It was great to be outside in nature! We came back and had apple juice on the porch, until it was time for us to head home. At the train station, we saw this cute mural of a boar in leiderhosen! It was so cute and funny! It was a lovely Sunday out with our friend!

An amazing afternoon in Pompeii

Pompeii definitely wasn't on my list of places to see - but for Mummy it really was. So our guide had arranged three little Amalfi Coast towns in the morning, and then an afternoon in Pompeii. It was so huge, I really thought we wouldn't have been able to see it all in a day - on the map it just looked really crazy! We explored all over - there were so many more intact buildings, and more pillars and more rooms, and roofs and the roads. There were so, so many roads! We ended up doing this HUGE HUGE
circle around the whole place - past all the ruins, into these fields at the edge. We could have died out there it was so empty! But on our way back into Pompeii we discovered this amazing house with the mosaics all intact - but the guard there startled us so bad! We had such a nice time, just Mummy and I, exploring the back of Pompeii, and eating pringles! We had such a great time, I was so glad we went in the end. Afterwards, our guide took us back to Naples. Mummy was really worried about our hotel being in a dodgy area, but it turned out to be super cute! It was sad to leave Mummy, but she is visiting us again in June too!

Large, large, lemons from Ravello

We stopped in Amalfi in the rain, and by the time we drove onto Ravello (with lots of photo stops along the way), the rain had eased up a little and it was a little less grey. Ravello was also a cute little town - but away from the sea, set high in the hills and we could have the most beautiful view over the sea. It was just a shame it was so cloudy! We had a nice lunch, and then a wander around through these beautiful gardens - where we saw these huge, huge lemons!