Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Don Cesar, The Beach and some Pelicans

We spent a few days in Orlando, seeing a few other wedding venues, some very beautiful ones, and exploring the area a little, and then we mainly shopped. We had a lot of fun at the outdoor outlet mall, which was really good, and then some of the big malls outside of Orlando a little bit. The malls in Orlando are both really good and diverse, and really large! I was quite happy with my nice new clothes purchases and a solid leather school bag which will serve me perfect when I head to school at the end of September.
After our time in Orlando was finished, we headed across the State to Saint Pete's Beach, which was voted one of the best beaches in the WORLD last year. One our way there, we got to go over the famous SkyWay bridge, which is this huge hump back bridge, and there were these amazing
grey thunder clouds as we came over it. I remember last December, going over that bridge with Josh, and the song "We are Young" was playing on the radio. We arrived at St Pete and our destination - the Don Cesar hotel. Apparently, this hotel is pretty famous - one, it is huge, two,
it is pink, and three, it is right on the beach. It was really famous during the 1920's and has the whole "old school glamour" thing going for it. Our room was cute, but then we headed out to the beach. It was expensive to rent beach chairs, and it was kind of the end of the day anyway, so we walked along the beach for a really long, long time. The beach sand is just so incredibly white - so incredibly white - it looks more like something you would see in the Caribbean or
something. And the water is incredibly clear, and this beautiful clear turquoise blue colour. I got in the water for a while, but it was only a little warm - thank goodness it was much warmer than the sea in California. The best thing was watching the pelicans, as they flew around and dove for fish!
I guess I've never seen wild, real pelicans before - especially brown ones like that! We walked almost all the way down to the end, until the beautiful pink castle hotel was just a small thing in the distance. I think the hotel is really beautiful from afar. It can seem a bit bright up close, but in the distance, it really does look like a giant sandcastle, because the sand is kind of pinky-white. We walked all the way back, and then I hung out in the hammock for quite a long time. I definitely need one of those when Josh and I move to Florida if we ever
do. They are just so comfortable! We spent two days there, trying their ice cream parlour, and sitting by the pool and having cocktails, and mainly laying in the hammock!

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