Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Old Town, San Diego

After Rachel headed home to go back to work, we spent several more weeks on the beach, and me being me, I started to get a little antsy, so I convinced Daddy to drive me into the centre of San Diego and do some sightseeing with me. We ran some errands first, and then drove into the city.
Part of San Diego is this area called Old Town which is full of spanish style houses, and restaurants, which of course, all hold Mexican restaurants. I'm sure of the historical significance of them, byt it probably has to do with some Mexican history. It has cute little
boutique shops and nice little taco stands, but it also has a real old fashioned smithy shop, where you can still see blacksmiths working on the iron. The best part was a visit to the root beer store, which I love! It had root beers from all over America. The cutest this is that all of the shops and stuff are in a giant square, which houses nice restaurants where you can sit outside.

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