Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Down by the waves

The walkway along the beach in La Jolla was set up high on the rocks, so we had to walk down some precarious steps to get down to the water. The waves were pretty big that day, and it was really very windy that day - so they wre splashing up against the rocks and making this beautiful white mist all over the place. We got the idea for these pictures from some other teenage girls who ended up getting very wet. We figured we were a little smarter than that, and instead stood a little farther away and managed to not get wet
at all! We took tons of family photos - the best were the Barton family, who seem to have the uncanny ability to match and coordinate their outfits really well, which look great in the photographs! I also got a few on my own, and then we got some of all of us "children" all together!

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