Friday, 31 August 2012

Okonuin Cemetery, Koyasan

Next on my list of prefectures to visit was Wakayama. I know a lot of people who have visited the famous Koyasan temple town. I tired to go last time when I was up in Nara, but I was pretty sick so I had to cancel my trip. My trains were extremely delayed, making me about 4 hours later getting there than I had intended. Somewhere north of Nara I met a nice German girl who I could talk to, when we were on the train, and then the cable car up onto the mountain. After getting off the cable car, we got on a bus and parted ways. I was only really going to see the big famous cemetery there, although there were a lot more beautiful temples that I could visit when I go back. The cemetery was really beautiful, even in the rain. There were lots of toris all covered in moss, and these big, huge massive trees. But most of all, there was a sense of peace there. In the newer parts of the cemetery, the stones were more extravagent, but the older ones, with their kanji almost blurred off by erosion were my favourite. It was really beautiful and serene and so worth visiting.

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