Friday, 31 August 2012

The Michigan Steamboat

I really do think that people underestimate boats, and how nice and calming they can be. I for one, really enjoyed myself on the trip around Lake Biwa, which is Japan's largest lake. We got on the boat with all these other people, who seemed to appear from nowhere, and tried to find ourselves a seat. We origionally were going to sit and watch the band play, but figured it might look akward if we upped and left right in the middle to explore. Instead, we settled for a nice spot in the shade on the middle deck. For a while, we just sat and both read our kindles. It was nice to just be out of the sun for a while! Then I went exploring, down to the bottom of the boat, and to check out the restaurants and such. The band, which was made up of Americans played some nice music and there were games for the kids too. On the top deck, in the sun, you could see the Japanese flag, so of course we had to take our photo.We also went into the bar area, which was very classyand old school. It was just such a nice atmosphere being on the boat, and the perfect thing to finish off my trip. Jake and I had a good chat about what he gets up to during his free summer holiday, and we talked more about the Why Not! trips (which is how I met him and Josh actually!) I think what I loved most was the view from the back of the boat, where the rotating wheel was best. The view was just terrific!

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