Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Universal Studios Japan

My kids all go to USJ, or Universal Studios Japan on their school trip each year. Considering I have been to Disney two times, everyone is always a bit surprised when I say I havent been there yet! So, Josh promised we could go, and off we went, with David. It was quite a early morning, which I seem to do to Josh everytime I visit! But off we went, in the sweltering heat! We had fast passes for the rides, so that saved on a lot of time spent in hot lines. What is cool about the park, is that it is laid out exactly like the one in Florida. Down to the location of the bathrooms and the New York area and everything, but the rides and such are a little different. We were joined quite soon my my Hyogo friend Pete. It was great to see him after last time, I was sick so we couldnt meet up. We went on all the big roller coasters, and a few shows and such! They had a lot of the old Universal Florida rides, like Back to the Future too! We got stuck on the Jurrassic Park ride for quite a long time, but being Japan, they brought us out sweat towels. After sitting there for almost an hour, we got free packets of ice and a free ticket for another ride, which was great! We had such a nice time, and got ice cream and headed back. My train wasnt for a while, so Pete and I grabbed dinner and macaroons at Laduree before I caught my train home.

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