Friday, 31 August 2012

Gifu Park

I really couldnt decide if Gifu was worth a visit, being that it is so hard to get to. It is in the middle of the country, and just a bit...argh. But Sarah was up there with her boyfriend and said she enjoyed it and it was worth me going, so off I went. Somehow I caught the right bus, and ended up walking from the bus to Gifu Park (after forgetting a SD card, and finding a Lawson's convenience store that sold one!). It was really a lovely park, with lots of benches and people eating their lunch, as well as a river, a waterfall and a nice fountain. I got a great view of it too when I headed up in the cable car which leads up to Gifu Castle! I was quite nervous about finding my way in Gifu for some reason, sometimes cities can be harder, but I did all right in the end!

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