Thursday, 30 August 2012

Yamaguchi Pagoda

One of the orientation things that we always do, at the beginning of the summer, is take everyone out for soft ice cream, or soft cream, as they call it here. We headed out, all dressed up from our Kencho meeting just before lunchtime, to grab some. I got chocolate, but some people were much more adventurous, and tried the black sesame, or the wasabi or matcha. I really do like soft cream, but only if it is chocolate or pineapple, which is my new favourite! I helped everyone order their ice cream, and then Yamaguchi AJET, the association for JETs in the area that I am part of, paid for it. Everyone seemed really pleased that they didn't have to buy it! Then we walked around the park nearby which houses the famous Pagoda. It's the symbol of Yamaguchi really. It is quite pretty, and the pond in front of it was fun, especially as there was a cute turtle which kept raising its head out of the water to say hello!In the afternoon, I had to give a speech with another JET on travelling. I'm not sure it was particularily good, as I do hate public speaking, but at least it took up the afternoon session!

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