Thursday, 30 August 2012

Birthday at Hard Rock Roppongi

After a lot of hmmming and hawwwing, I finally decided that going to Hard Rock Cafe for my birthday dinner was a good idea. I at least knew where it was, and it had nice western food! We got a table upstairs, and devoured our appetizers. I even got a pretty cocktail in a snazzy glass too! I always have a good time at the Hard Rock, watching the music videos and soaking up the atmosphere. We had to wait a long time for Alain to arrive, mainly thought because he was just coming from climbing Mt. Fuji! Poor thing had had very little sleep in such a long time! But it was nice to see him before he heads back home to France. We ate lots of yummy food and chatted a lot. The YMCA came on, and then everyone got up and started dancing. It was a little surreal, but totally and utterly fun! I really enjoyed that part a lot! It always is quite surreal seeing the Japanese doing such unreserved things, like dancing in a restaurant with Rock music playing full blast! Of course, I got my free Birthday sundae, and then we went to the shop, where I got some pins for Mummy. Then we said goodbye to Alain (I got very sad, my Tokyo friend is going home!) and then we headed back to Zama to spend another night at David's house.

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