Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Big Kids and Little Houses

After we got outside, we really didnt get very far. We discovered these cute miniature houses, which were kind of like little wendy houses. In some of them, they had two floors, and little tables and chairs inside. Others were shaped like travellers wagons, others were cute little thatched roof cottages. I loved the little brick mansions best! We spent a lot of time playing in them, and acting quite silly. It was easily some of the most fun I have ever had, playing like a big kid, and squeezing myself into tiny little houses!
Mikaly is a great big poser, and it quite tall, so it was quite hillarious to see him fit himself into these little houses. And we werent the only ones, lots of other Japanese tourists were also doing it, and having a great time! Who wouldnt! We took lots of photos, untill the sky got darker, and the weird clock tower did it's last show. Complete with bubbles and German Ooopah music! We saw the cute little miniature train which went around the chocolate factory, and the fountain all the way from Bridgewater in England. Then we headed back into the city centre, which thankfully, I remembered where all the good shops were! We picked up some things for Mikaly's Mum and tried to get him some new shoes. Its nice to be able to shop late in Japan, and then we headed back out via train to Mikaly's town of Joichi!

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