Friday, 31 August 2012

Todaiji Temple

Heidi was keen to make one last visit to Todaiji Temple, and reasonably so. She was leaving Nara soon, and it is one pretty building. During two nights a year, they wave the entrance fee, and open it up at night. It just so happens that the night that we were there, it was open for free. Last year it must not have been, because I have a really great photo of the outside, and noone was walking inside. Todaiji is pretty special in that it is the largest wooden building in the entire world!It is pretty impressive during the day, but during the evening, it's even prettier. I just had to stop and take some photos, since it seemed so different than when I visited in April, in the midst of cherry blossom season. We wandered inside, and saw the Buddah, which you could go up onto a higher tier and pray if you were Buddist. It seemed quite a popular thing to do. We also looked at the different models of the buildings, and some photos of the different events that they hold throughout the year. Last time I had visited it was Buddah's birthday! Josh really wanted a high five photo with the Buddah, so we set up the shot. I'm not great at lining those things up, so Heidi did it, and got this great photo of my Josh!

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