Friday, 31 August 2012

Red gates in Nagato

On Monday, we were going to try and head out and find the sunflowers which were really tall. However, I couldnt find the paperwork, and instead Cynthia picked out a cool shrine that she had heard about in Nagato. Well, more in Tsunoshima rather than Nagato. It was a super long drive, and we got kind of lost on our way, but we eventually made it! (After finding a a nice Japanese lady who gave the BEST directions with gestures) It looked like the red gates were rolling down the mountainside. I really enjoyed taking pictures down the inside of them because they look like a giant tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, there was a nice mountain that we climbed up to and watched the sunset. Well, Cynthia explored the inlet and the sea below the mountain, and Sonja and I watched the sunset! The drive home was super long, but on the way home, we dropped Sonja off and then Cynthia and I went and had a well deserved McDonalds!

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