Friday, 31 August 2012

Through the nostril

There are a lot of things in Japanese culture which end up with a person getting a year of good luck. One of those is passing through Buddah's nose. Because of the saying, they actually cut a hole into one of the giant pillars that is the same size as Buddah's nostril. It's pretty small, and as a kid, I easily used to fit. Somehow, Josh convinced me that I should give it a go, and that I actually might fit. I wont lie, I was utterly terrified, that scared right down to my feet kind of terrified. I hate being like that, but I knew it was something I really wanted to try. Which was more worrying was the fact I was in a white dress, a decade older than most of the children in a line, and when my turn came up, about 100 people stopped and got their camera out. I think all the cameras pointed at the lone gaijin was probably the scariest! But I made it! I was scared, but I made it! And I will go back and try it again and again, because now I know that I fit!

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