Friday, 31 August 2012

Sunday morning I got up and headed to the train station with Sarah and her friend, while Stephanie tried out a new church. I got them directions on where to see stuff in Hiroshima and then headed north. I had an entire week off, thankfully from Obon holidays and a bit of Daikyu. I intended to spend it with Josh, and then just day trip from around there! Josh was busy on the Sunday so I headed up to Fukui. Fukui is kind of like Yamaguchi, really very little there, but I knew that the town of Obama was at least worth visiting, just for the cool coincidental name sharing with the President. Sadly, I couldnt get rid of my bag in a locker anywhere, as small towns only seem to have small lockers. I arrived, and with only an hour to spare, set off in search of something, or anything to see in Obama. I eventually found a harbour, which apparently runs boat tours, but after I had walked the 30 minutes to get there, the only thing I could do was take a few photos and buy some souveniers. I didn't see anything with Obama himself on, although I had heard about it, but the people were very friendly. A teenager who was selling chesnuts gave me some for free, just because I was a foreigner. I bought lots of cute things to send to Shelby (because she loves Obama too) like this magnet with the cat on. I think the cat is the mascot. I ran back for the train, just making it in time. It was a pretty strange and pointless visit, but I was pleased to say I have been there!

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