Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Chocolate factory

After our yummy lunch of pizza and pasta, I did some internet searching and found a pretty cool sounding chocolate factory. And who doesnt love a chocolate factory? So, Mikaly and I rushed across town to go there before it closed. It seems that, after doing everything in the city centre, the things left to do all seem to be in the suburbs! We made it to the chocolate factory before it closed, and got a free cookie just for going inside! It appeared to be more of a cookie with chocolate factory than a chocolate factory, but Oh well! When we first got there, there was a complimentary photo, with the factory sign and the date. This is a common thing in Japan, it just marks that you were there and when. There is often a proffesional photographer as well as an employee who will take your photo. Its like that all over Japan. At Disney, they have a man who's job it is to take peoples photos with their cameras in front of a statue. Great marketing ploy. The whole place looked like an old fashioned English and European village. The main house holds the museum, which has lots of history about how chocolate is marketted and the different packaging etc. The whole place was really pretty. There also was a strange museum which housed old gramaphones. I dont think I knew anything about a gramaphone before I went there! We saw a lot about how the cookies were made, and how the yummy white chocolate was put in. The cookies come in a nice blue package, and they are apparently quite famous in Japan as the souvenier from Hokkaido!We stopped and had a snack of Baum kucken and ice cream, as well as yummy hot chocolate. They had a lovely tea room which overlooked the nice park outside the Chocolate Factory! It was nice, and we got to watch the nice clock which went off on the hour!

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