Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Take me to the candy shop

The final part of the museum was seperate entirely and was a candy making shop. You could stand and watch the people making hard rock candy. I dont think I've ever seen them make it, and I was quite entralled. They pull the candy strands apart several times, dying it, and rolling it into shapes before cutting it. There were all sorts of different colours of candy, and I tasted a few, because some employees brought round some tasters, assumingly in an attempt to make us buy some. I didnt actually buy any, but did take some cool photos of the different jars, which I thought were pretty, especially filled with the different colours inside. My favourite was the rainbow ones, and I loved the cola flavoured candies, although they looked a bit like lego pieces and werent particularily attractive! I spent quite a long time watching the candy being made before Mikaly dragged me outside!

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