Friday, 31 August 2012

Osaka Station

My trip back was made a little more difficult because the train man in Gifu didnt know how to find Josh's train station, so instead I just bought a ticket to Osaka Station. I got off and headed to the main station to buy Josh's birthday present, and then when I came back, I had a really long wait for the direct train which heads to Josh's station. I much prefer going on the direct train, as it means less waiting around in the long run. I find Osaka station crazy, but a really nice kind of crazy. I am probably the only person who enjoys rush hour. Osaka has so many trains, that there are all sorts of different symbols on the ground, depending on what order the trains arrive. The first time I went, it was crazy, and I was confused, but now, I pretty much know my entire way around! I enjoyed taking photos of the rush when everyone gets off at the station, or when someone runs for the station, or how the train fills up, the longer that it sits there. I really enjoyed it. It was nice to do a bit of city photography for a change!

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