Friday, 31 August 2012

Miyajima Fireworks

Once I got my prime spot for the sunset, I was quite reluctant to give up my prime picture spot to head back to the others. So I stopped and stood there for all of the two hours before the fireworks started! They were so amazing, and between each of the firework sections, there was some sort of story told over the speakers. People generally left during each section, so I moved forward as people left a little at a time. By the finale, I was right on the water line, and got these amazing photos! It was totally worth the wait, absolutely worth it. And as much as I was tired, I was more pleased with my photos than anything else! After, I met up with everyone, and we headed home with the crowds. I went back to Hiroshima, and picked up my suitcase, and then headed back to Stephanies to spend the night!

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