Friday, 31 August 2012

Playing Captain

Once the music started up again, we realised that the boat was pretty empty, so we set about exploring the upper decks. I was really interested to find that up at the top, was a little room outside where they were driving the boat. It looked remarkably similar to the main Captains room, but this time, there was an old fashioned wheel, and a hat and jacket for people to wear so that they could take their photo with it. We weren't sure if it was actually someones jacket or not, but in the end decided that it must be purely for photo-taking purposes, given that, well....this is Japan after all! While Jake dressed up, I browsed all the memorabelia on the walls, and was excited to see a letter to the Michigan Steamboat from the Governer of Michigan,Jennifer Granholm! It was pretty crazy to think of those two places ever twinned, or knowing anything about the other, so I was quite impressed.
Once Jake was dressed up, we took a million photos, and then decided to branch out of the little office, and take some photos in the hat outside. It was so cool!Jake is as much a poser as me, and I really enjoyed pretending to be a captain and posing in the hat a lot. There was a photographer on the boat, and Jake posed in the hat for the lady. When we got off of the boat, he even bought the picture!

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