Friday, 31 August 2012

Laduree - yummy yummy!

As much as my stop in Osaka was to get Josh's birthday present, I couldn't stop without getting a little something for me. I went to Laduree, and spent the last of my money buying a few of my favourite flavours and a few for Josh to try! No matter how sad, or lonely I am feeling, the best thing in the world is getting Laduree! I found out from Shelby that she and Mummy had gone out and bought a cat. A kitten to be more exact, and a super cute one at that! I was a little jealous, so I definitely needed to treat myself with these macaroons! After I helped Josh make a lovely dinner of spaghetti and garlic bread, Josh and I had a sample session. I got my favourites, salted caramel and rasberry, and I had bought a vanilla and chocolate one for Josh. He definitely loved them! And now he knows why I love them so much and go out of my way to get them!

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