Thursday, 30 August 2012

Shopping on Base

We had a nice relaxing time in the morning, playing Guitar Hero, sleeping in, eating yummy breakfast, and then we decided to head into the Base. David is in the military and can bring guests. First we went to get lunch at Taco Bell. Real Taco Bell. And it was amazing! I also had Baskin Robbins too, with proper American flavours. We went to the main store, which was kind of like a Khols, and I got some cool things like toilletries, Magazines, vidoes and such, and then we went to the grocery store. Even when I come back to America, the grocery store is still my favourite place to go shopping! I bought so much that I actually shipped it all home, which was a great idea considering how much I ended up getting! Eventually we all headed home, thankfully all riding the same Shinkansen. Josh and I got off in Osaka while Julianne stayed on and went home. I had such a nice weekend and it was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday!

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