Friday, 31 August 2012

Hanging in Miyajima

Having only met the new ALTs the day before, I wasn't really sure what to expect. I picked up Karl, who is from Michigan, and Stephanie, who is from California at the station. They both will be living out east, so I probably wont get to see them much. Hence I was keen to get to know them better as we hung out in Miyajima. It was really packed, but I still took Stephanie around the island. Turns out she had been there before, which made it much easier for us to walk around. We bought all sorts of different momijimanjus, the maple leaf shaped treats that are famous from the island. I must say, one of my favourite things to eat EVER, are the cheese filled deep fried ones, so we got those. We also stopped in the Hello Kitty store, which is always fun, and I picked us up some Hello Kitty chocolate ones too! Because of the festival, there were lots of food stalls, and I ended up trying a lemon kakigori (shaved ice), while Stephanie was a little more adventurous! I think she tried some fried squid or something! I think it would be great if I had arrived in Japan with an adventurous stomach!We wandered around, taking photos until I found the perfect place to watch the sunset!

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