Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Lunch at Kobe Harbour

Back when I met Josh on the white water rafting trip in Tokushima, a few of us, and some of our friends agreed to meet up in Kobe in the quite far away future. With all of us being super busy all summer, we had to plan for the end of July to meet up. I was quite pleased, because it ended up being a great reason to come up and spend more time with Josh. So me, Josh, and his brother David headed into Kobe to meet with our friends Sandy and Jake. We met in Sannomia, with Sandy coming from staying up all night to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony. We headed over to this very cool all you can eat Brazillian BarBeQue place. Apparently there are lots of Brazillians in Kobe! They bring around all sorts of meat on skewers and you can have them slice them for your table. They also bring grilled pineapple which was amazing! After Lunch we went out to the balcony and took some photos with the harbour in the background. It's really modern and beautiful and it was such a perfect day! I do love Kobe tower, its quite unusual in my opinion, and I like that it is red! Next to the restaurant was a shopping centre. While Sandy shopped for new sandals, the boys got a bit angsy, and wanted to bug me by suggesting they would by new "canoe" shoes. They were seriously the ugliest thing ever, and Josh still teases me about how I refused to let him by them to this day!

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