Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Playing in the dasies

Dasies remind me of being in school and making daisy chains that were so long that we could drape them all over ourself. If I sit in a field of dasies now, I still make them! It is just too addictive and easy! Up near the top of the lavender field there was a break in the surrounding forest of pine trees, and we spotted some daisies....and not just a few. Tall, wild dasies, coving quite a big area. We knew we probably werent meant to go there, but we did anyway. Turned out that quite a few Japanese people also followed us to take photos too! Mikaly is quite into this "serious pose" which he does quite well, and when I try, I just end up laughing my head off! I thought that this picture needed to be on the cover of an albumn or something! We actually enjoyed being in the dasies just as much as the lavender, it felt very carefree and light! And, to top it off, the weather was perfect! Being away from the humidity in Honshu was amazing! It was such a nice trip, probably too short but so nice to visit in the summer compared to the winter!

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