Thursday, 30 August 2012

Finally! A Cat Cafe!

Since coming to Japan, I have got a bit obsessed with animals. Here, you can touch animals and play with animals in all sorts of random places. So, I knew that Tokyo had tons of cat cafes, but I had never actually gone on the lookout for one. After finding one on the internet, the boys found a way there from the station. Down lots of little alleys and streets and such. I never could have found it myself. (sometimes I think boys just have a much better sense of direction!) We found it, and went up to it, and paid the entry free. For a price you can stay for an hour and a half and pet the cats as much as you want and drink all the hot drinks you want during that time. We found some sofas in the giant living room type place and went about our business. Julianne and David tried the massage chairs, Josh had a little snooze, and we all petted the cats. They seemed a little sleepy.
I had a favourite, the little orange cat who kind of looked like Puss in Boots, from the Shrek movies. He was fun to play with and then he fell asleep under a table and then in a box! The all loved to be petted, which I found super fun too! They were all very different, but all quite...alloof but I loved it, because I could sit and relax and just pet a cat. Which I suppose is the whole idea of the place. There were lots of people sitting about chatting, or reading a book, or working on the internet. I loved this giant black cat. Josh said they were called Main Coons or something like that. They are super fluffy and really big. Now who doesnt love a super fluffy cat?

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