Friday, 31 August 2012

Nagato Karaoke!

On Saturday night, Cynthia and Sonja and I headed over to Nagato to go to this Jazz festival that was being held there. We met Jamie at the station, and then headed over with the other ALTs to the festival. We bought some beers and some pineapple soft cream and watched the jazz festival. To be honest, it wasn't very jazzy and was more rocky! We tried lots of different foods and got up when the YMCA came on. I think the Japanese people were quite shocked to see us all dancing! After that, we all headed to a nice dinner place, where the food was super super cheap - and I even got dessert! Then we headed upstairs to this cool karaoke room which was really big and super cheap! There was lots of singing, and we stayed very late because it was only 200yen an hour! I especially liked the disco ball and the cool lights but I wasnt so keen on the stage!

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